The Best Deli in Belmont CA. At Least That’s What Our Mothers Say…

At Two Cousins, our mission is simple! That is to make you the best breakfast sandwich and sub sandwich you’ve ever tasted. To be honest, our mothers can vouch for that. It’s no surprise, after all, each sandwich is made with love like our moms used to make. So come enjoy the best sandwich Belmont has to offer!

Deli Sandwiches Made with Quality Ingredients

Whether it’s delicious Boar's Head meat, or fresh sourdough from Boudin bakery, we go all out to provide wonderful taste that will make you say “these are the best sandwiches near me!”

Boar's Head Lunch Meat

Known for their supreme deli meat, Boar’s Head is the best sandwich meat you can find. With that said, our customers deserve nothing less than premium quality!

Boudin Sourdough Bread

Freshness at its finest, Boudin SF bakes some of the best sandwich bread in the Bay Area. This is why we deliver fluffy loaves of Boudin bread to our sandwich shop daily!


With over two decades of deli experience, sandwich restaurants are our family’s specialty! Which explains how we can create delectable and healthy sandwiches in the blink of an eye!

Far from typical, we offer all types of sandwich favorites you can’t find at these other sandwich places. Whether you’re looking for vegetarian sandwiches, various hot sandwiches, a bagel breakfast sandwich, or anything in between, we got you covered!

Served Until 11:00 am

Served Until Close